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Trillium Lake Sunrise - Little Crater Lake



Trillium lake.jpg

Trillium Lake is a very beautiful and quite popular lake not far from a small town 
of Government Camp, and is about 60 miles away from Downtown Portland, OR.

The lake is famous for it's spectacular view of Mount Hood, the highest mountain in 

the State of Oregon. 
The sunrise from this lake is really amazing, especially in little colder weather, as 

when the sun rays first hits the surface of the lake, fantastic beautiful golden fog 

starts to formulate and through which in a clear day you can see the summit of Mount Hood. That scenery is hard to describe with words, you have to see with your own eyes and of course through your camera! But we have to be lucky with weather as well! Also, if there any fishermen, that is another incredible "bonus" to our compositions... 

After shooting the sunrise in Trillium Lake, we are heading to Little Crater Lake! That is a hidden gem in Mount Hood National Forest, not very far from our first stop (Trillium Lake). The part of the road to here is partly gravel with many potholes, but it's really worth it! Especially at fall time, the colors in this whole area is just spectacular! 

Recommended gear and outfit for this workshop: 

  • Wide angle lens (at least 24mm, or even better 16mm). Generally speaking wide angle lenses are used a lot during nature and landscape photography, so it's recommended to get one if you are planning to get into nature photography. 

  • ND (grey) filters for long exposure photography. This is not a must as you are just starting, you can first learn what is that for and how it's used, but if you can get one, definitely do it, as you will need every time you shoot a long exposure at daylight. 

  • Tripod! In general, I would say that it's always better to have tripod with you wherever you can, especially if it's not long and very tough hike, take it with you. If you plan to do a long exposure, you can't get a great quality if you don't have a tripod and you will be very limited by putting camera on the rocks or some flat area which will get you like 5% of all possible great shots. 

  • Comfortable outdoor outfit and boots, and depending on weather, waterproof jacket. 

Trillium Lake Sunrise
Little Crater Lake

As those are individual workshops, the dates are not specified and will be agreed with you considering your schedule and weather conditions. 

Pricing & Prepayment:

As those are individual workshops, it's intended for 1 person at a time.

However, if you have friend to join us, that is also possible., but the maximum size of the group should be no more than 2 person (+ the instructor).

The price of the workshop is  $375 in case of 1 person, 

and $275 per person in case of  2 people. 

If you live in Portland area, transpiration can be included for additional $35 per person. 

$125 prepayment needed when the workshop booked.

Acceptable payment methods: Zelle or Venmo transfers.

Full payment should be completed before the trip is started once the instructor and the client met.

What is included: 
  • Professional photography advises & instructions for Nature Photography

  • All the fees for parking in State Parks and National Forests

What is Not included: 
  • Food & beverages during the trip

  • Transportation  (can be included for additional $35 per person)

Cancellation policy:


If cancelled within 3 days of starting the workshop, the prepayment fee is Non-Refundable. 

If cancelled before 3 days of starting the workshop, the prepayment is fully refundable. 

If workshop is started as planned, the prepayment is subtracted from the initial payment and the client is due the rest. 

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