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Iceland is one of the most beautiful and wild countries in the world! The land, which is still in the process of creation, with fresh wild geological processes and amazing sceneries. I'm pretty confident, that Spring and Fall seasons are the best for our cool trip specifically for a few reasons: N1 and most important. Aurora Borealis (Northern lights!) N2. Fewer tourists compared to summertime N3. Fairly affordable compared to high touristic season N4. Possibilities of ice cave visits and whale watching (optional). IMPORTANT. As the weather is unpredictable during this season in Iceland, + we will be taking our time for photographs, we will do our best to try to go over all the places we planned before, however, there is always a possibility that we may skip some of the places depending on the time and weather. We will discuss all each day in evening briefings and make decisions on the road. So what are we going to explore? and what is the main point of the travel? Well, as you can guess from the title, this is not just a regular tour, but a Photo Tour/Workshop. And what does it mean? That means, our main point will be not only to explore and see the beauty of Iceland but also to create amazing photographs, that will last a lifetime and be a great memory, that you can share with your friends and family, post on your social media, your website, etc. I will be sharing my knowledge and experience in landscape photography with you during the whole trip, from start to finish! Will help you find good angles, composition, correct settings, etc. I will also be the one who will be driving the car during our trip, advising the good spots for pictures, organizing the accommodation, etc. So, will do my best to make the trip for you very convenient, fun, and unforgettable. Each day, after our exploring and photo shoots are over, we will also spend some time working with post-production and editing, and I will help you with that as well! We will be exploring mostly South Iceland, also partly South-East, and a nice single point in West Iceland(of the most iconic though!:) And of course, in November we have very high chances to witness the Northern Lights, so fingers crossed, we will have some days with clear sky for that! The cost of the trip includes: + All accommodation during the trip, in Double rooms! In rare cases possibly triple as well. (Mostly hotels, possibly guesthouses) + The main transportation rental (SUV) (with fuel) during the whole trip. Exceptions are: if you want to explore the city on your own, and transfers from the airport to the hotel. The airport transfers will depend on the group's arrival time. We will discuss that once everyone has booked their flights and we know the exact timing. + Guiding/driving/photography advising services during the whole trip + Tickets to Blue Lagoon! + Possibly (but not guaranteed) some breakfasts (depending on the hotels we will stay) Price does NOT include: - Your air tickets - Food during the trip (we might be buying and cooking ourselves from supermarkets many times to avoid spending too much in restaurants) - Attractions, like ice cave exploring, whale watching, etc. (those are optional and will depend on our spare time, as the days are shorter during winter months there). Short about me: My name is Hrach Hovhannisyan, I'm a professional trip leader, guide, and photographer! I have a Bachelor's degree in the Tourism field and have been working in the tourism and travel industry for more than 10 years. Worked as tour manager, adventure guide, off-road driver, and camp organizer! Since 2017 living in the USA, working as a professional photographer and a tour guide. Vast majority of the pictures here in this program (with a few exceptions) are captured personally by myself (in the month of April). From my TripMates, I expect to be very energized and passionate about traveling and exploring new places, respect local culture, be willing to be part of the team, be kind to other TripMates, and of course follow the directions of the trip leader, for your own safety and quality time. And of course, have fun! :) Few important things: - You must speak English besides your native language! Please understand, that it's possible that many of the TripMates will be from different countries or nationalities, so we all have to communicate with each other in English. - You must have Travel Insurance! And we need at least 1 of the TripMates to have a valid driving license, just in case I will be too tired or sick at some point of the trip (which probably won't happen but just in case). - Equipment and outfit: Iceland in winter is tough with the weather! Can be very windy and cold (hence why fewer tourists, and good for us lol)). So please have warm jackets, trousers, and boots! Be prepared for winter conditions! But also have swimming wear for Blue Lagoon or some other possible geothermal pools. Have a raincoat, hiking poles, good winter hiking shoes, sunglasses, a warm hat, maybe sunscreen, and a small backpack, probably max. 30L. And of course, a water bottle and thermos also will be a good idea. - Now the photography equipment: Whatever camera and lenses you have! Especially if they are professional! 2 most important lenses are a wide lens for landscapes, similar to Canon 16-35mm, and Zoom lenses, similar to Canon 100-400mm. And of course tripod! Don't come without a tripod lol :)) It's especially important for night shooting and for long exposure. Will be great, if you have some ND filters as well, as that's super important for daytime long-exposure waterfall shooting. Do you have a question? Ask in the Q&A below! Can’t wait to hear from you! contact:


Day 1. Arrival in Iceland. Depending on the flights of the participants, possible meeting at the airport and transportation to the hotel in Reykjavik. Free day (half day) in Reykjavik, Again depending on the time of arrival, possible meeting in a bar in the evening to discuss the plans for the next day.

Day 2. Starting our day with a nice pleasure :) Blue Lagoon! This is not really a photography point, even though we may try to get some nice pics.. but it's usually too crowded for photos. We will just swim and enjoy! After that, continue to Krýsuvík hot springs, a quick stop at Méltunnuklif lava pile, then continue to Nauthúsagil and Gljufrabui waterfalls. Overnight in hotel/bnb near Holt area.

Day 3. Visiting and photographing some of the most popular and beautiful places in South Iceland. The first stop is Seljalandsfoss, a beautiful waterfall, with a nice trail right behind the waterfall (but we have to be careful when it's frozen..). The next stop is another great waterfall Skogafoss! After photographing those beautiful falls, we are heading to Dyrhólaey.. an amazing scenery to walk, shoot and enjoy! Overnight in hotel/bnb in Vik.

Day 4. Little long, but a very beautiful and interesting day! Heading towards Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon! On our way, the first stop will be Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon. Then Lómagnúpur Scenic Spot, after which we will have hiking to a very beautiful Svartifoss waterfall, which is located in cool basalt rock formations. It's about 1.5 km (less than an hour) hiking one way. So about 2.5-3 hours will spend there. After that finally Jökulsárlón and Diamond Beach. As days are shorter in November, depending on weather prediction, we might wait until we see and capture the northern lights in some scenic places. But again, it will depend on the weather predictions. If it's too late, we will be back at the hotel and shoot the northern lights in areas not too far from the hotel. Drive back to Vik. Overnight in hotel/bnb in Vik.

Day 5. Today we drive back to Reykjavik. We will discuss 2 options for this day, depending on the current situation. Either, on our way, we will visit Thingvellir National Park and Geysir (maybe even Gullfoss), or we might try to go whale watching if all of us want it and if that's possible at that time. Reminder, that it's Optional and not included in the price of the tour. The cost is usually about $100-110. Overnight in a hotel in Reykjavik.

Day 6. Today we have one main point of interest, which is in West Iceland. It's Kirkjufell waterfall, one of the most iconic places in Iceland. So for this trip, we might specifically drive there after noon, or even towards evening, so we can shoot it with daylight, and then stay and shoot with Northern Lights. But again, for everything connected with Northern lights we have to carefully follow the forecast and predictions because if it's a cloudy day and no chance to see the Aurora, then it won't make sense to wait until late evening and see nothing, so we will go earlier. We have to consider Mother Nature every time, no other options lol! But hey, fingers crossed, we will be lucky I know it. Back to Reykjavik. Last night in the hotel in Reykjavik.

Day 7. Unfortunately, each trip has to come to an end! But I hope you will enjoy these great adventures in one of the most beautiful and wild countries in the world and will take a lot of amazing, unforgettable memories and of course great pictures with you. Will see you soon in another corner of the world... Cheers! :)

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