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What equipment do I use?

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

In this section I share the majority of my own current equipment list (why majority and not all? well there are lots of small pieces that I don't even remember how they called and where, when and how did I find them lol), including camera bodies, lenses, tripod and tripod heads, lights, softboxes, stands, etc etc.

Most of the equipment mentioned here I got either from Amazon, or BH Photo or Adorama. So I'll be putting the exact same links of my order history, the ones I got for myself, Just click on the yellow gear names and they will take you straight to the product links.

All the Amazon links here listed below are affiliate links, so if you find those articles and tips on my Blog helpful to you, and want to upgrade your gear and at the same time want to support me, please use those exact links when you decide to get your own ones! I will really appreciate that! Thanks in advance! :) If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via contact form.

So here is my personal list below!

Camera bodies :

Camera lenses:

1. Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II but I definitely suggest to get the III version (that is the one I'm planning to get soon for myself, to replace my II)

Lens Filters:

All these filters mentioned above, are just amazing for Landscape Photography and very necessary! The ND filter are great for long exposure photography, and the CPL filter is great for enhancing the sky and remove glare from the water.

Also, the CPL filter can be very useful while doing for example car photography or product photography, as it's dealing with unwanted reflection and glare just amazingly! 100% recommended from me!


I really like this drone, and have been using it since 2019 until now, both for commercial shooting and recreational. But if your budget allows, there is a new version of this drone now, Mavic 3 Pro which is absolute beast! I'm pretty sure that it's 100% worth the investment, if you are willing to learn how to fly, get your Commercial drone pilot license and keep all the rules for every single flight. You will enjoy it, and of course it will make a lot of profit for you if you do a right marketing..

Gimbal (Stabilizer) for smoother videography:

I bought this in 2021 and use it until now. Really cool gimbal. Especially after my old manual gimbal, this feels like from another world, not only much lighter and convenient, but very sophisticated. Similar like for the drone mentioned above, there is a newer version of this gimbal, which I'm pretty sure worth buying if you are going to by for the 1st time anyways, just go for the new one, as the price of the new currently equals of what I paid for the older version :) the newer version is Ronin RS3


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