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Hrach Hovhannisyan


2004. Somewhere in the mountains of Armenia. Being 13 years old young boy named Hrach, he asked to take his father’s old film camera (Zenit E) to take some pictures from the top of the rock he was going to climb. And from there the journey starts…

I was born on June 27, 1989 in Yerevan, capital of Armenia. I inherited my love for nature and traveling from my parents. Started from 1998, when I was  9 years old, my father took me to the forests and mountains of Armenia, and after few years of hiking at age 13, when I took in my hands first camera and did the first shots, photography became the inseparable part of my life.

During the university years (I got a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism field) I was doing photography every single week, in different events, but most of all  during  travelling.
All my professional  jobs in tourism field (I used to work as a mountain and cultural guide, 4X4 off road driver, adventure tourism manager and tour organizer) helped me a lot to develop my photography skills, specially in Landscape photography. Likewise, one of my friends Yeghia Nersesyan taught me some important basics of photography and from time to time was helping me to improve my skills by commenting on my photos…


On March 2017 I moved to the USA to try new opportunities and to develop and grow my professional skills. Here I got more concentrated on commercial photography-upgrading my skills in product and real estate photography and photo editing, as well as videography and video editing. Currently I’m based in Portland, Oregon and planning to expand my services to other states in nearest future.

Feel  free to contact me if you have any questions regarding my services, my works or just if you have some cool idea in some way related to photography that you might want to share with me.

Have an awesome day,

With best wishes,

Hrach Hovhannisyan

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