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Photography Workshops in Oregon and Washington 

Oregon and Washington are definitely among the most beautiful states in the whole United States in terms of natural sites and diversity of natural monuments. From the beautiful beaches of Pacific Coast to majestic Cascade Mountains, volcanic summits, turquoise color high altitude lakes and wild powerful waterfalls, huge trees and deep canyons, you absolutely won't be bored, if you love Nature & Landscape Photography as much as we do! 

Why to choose workshops with Hrach?

Being in Photography and Travel Industry for more than 14 years, Hrach Hovhannisyan had not only a successful career with hundreds of satisfied clients both in Tourism and in Photography field, but also decided to share his experience and knowledge with those who are just starting in Nature photography and with those who already have some experience and just want to learn more and explore more! Hrach will pass you his energy and passion and will make you love the process of creating stunning images even during harsh weather conditions and half sleepy wonderings... :)) 


Here you will find half-day, full-day and multi-day individual one on one photography workshops,  organized by Hrach Hovhannisyan throughout the Pacific Northwest - in Oregon and Washington States. 

What will you benefit? 

✅ Quick introduction to the the basics (if a beginner)- ​why quick introduction? Because in the nature every moment is precious for us, so it's better if already familiar with the basics so we can work mostly on getting the actual nice shots. 


✅ The light and the composition in Nature Photography

✅ Catching the right moment

✅ Understanding the long exposure and the use of filters in Nature Photography


✅ Learning Aerial/Drone Photography (if you own one)- However, you need to already know basic flying, as it will take huge amount of time and we won't be able to actually capture nice images.

✅ Exploring new places, walking and hiking (depending on each location)

✅ Fun adventure time, learning, enjoying and being inspired by the instructor and Mother Nature! 

✅ And finally, of course great pictures and lot's of motivation to explore more and to photograph more! 

Please explore all the trips and locations offered here and do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions. We will make sure you got all the necessary answers and information, and will help you getting ready to create the most amazing images while having a fun time and learning a lots of new information during our workshops. 

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Half day photography workshops
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