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Once in a while we all need to update our professional pictures - business/corporate headshots. It can be for our new company's website, or our personal blog or a LinkedIn profile picture, which we haven't updated in years etc. Nowadays, when so many businesses have switched to a remote working, it's a good idea to have a new, fresh, up to date and Professionally captured headshots!
The photoshoot can be conducted either at a professional Photo Studio (in Downtown Portland) , on-Location (e.g. at your office, factory etc.), or outdoors -it all depends on your needs.

1. What packages are available?
We offer 6 main packages, depending on 2 factors: Location (in Studio, on-location or outdoor and How many outfits/backgrounds.
Please contact for more information and pricing.

2. What outfit should I wear?  
-It usually depends on where your headshot will be used on, if it's a company website, do they have specific requirements? and sometimes it also depends on your field of profession and personality.
Some of our packages allows multiple outfits which is a great options in case you are not very sure.

Please contact and we can discuss that more in details.

3. Can you come to our office to capture the stuff?  
Yes, we do offer on-location headshots as well. 

4. When can I get my results? 
- The Demo pictures (small sized, not edited versions) are usually delivered the same day of the photoshoot. Once you chose your favorite images (according to the chosen package), then your final headshots will be delivered in 24 hours. 


Headshot session backstage

Headshot session backstage

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