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Individual, Practical Photography Classes and Lessons in Portland, Oregon

Were you thinking of becoming an experienced and Professional Photographer, to start earning money with your passion? Or you are an amateur photographer, and just want to upgrade to the next level and start taking much better quality images?

Then you are in a right place, to learn all you need for that goal! 

Let's jump straight into the FAQ, as it's the best and easiest way to have most of your initial questions answered.


1. Are the lessons individual or group?


All the lessons are Individual only! No group lessons. Maximum, you can bring with you 1 friend, who is also serious about learning photography and getting into another level!


The reason, why we don't do group lessons, is simply because it was tested, that during individual lessons a student is more focused to the topic, listens more carefully, is more concentrated, and feels that the tutor is dealing only and directly with the student and not with others. 
It's just that "in person communication" feeling that gives more confidence to the student, versus the group lessons, where some students might have better experience and knowledge and others can feel a bit uncomfortable and "closed" because of that, and many other that sort of a reasons. 

2. Are the lessons only theoretical, or practical as well?


All the lessons includes both - theoretical and practical parts. Usually, the 1st lesson is mostly thoeretical, and might include just a few practical part, as the purpose of the 1st lesson is to understand the student's level of experience, knowledge, goals etc. and introduce the fundamentals etc. Also, it's very depending on the type of the photography students choose to learn. 

3. Who will be teaching the lessons?


All the lessons are being taught by professional photographer Hrach Hovhannisyan. 
Hrach has more than 15 years of experience in multiple fields of photography, he has been working with over a hundred of clients representing multiple industries and having very different needs, like real estate, eCommerce product selling, business headshots, casual portraits, cars for sale etc. 

Hrach is also an avid Landscape Photographer and nature enthusiast, and in fact the Nature Photography was his 1st field of experience, and the beginning of a long exciting journey in Photography (even since his childhood). 

See "Bio" for more details about Hrach.

4. What type of photography lessons are available? 


Currently there are 5 types of photography lessons available. 

1. Portraits / Headshot Photography  (outdoor and in-Studio)

2. Landscape (Nature) Photography / Workshops

3. Wildlife / Animal / Birds Photography 

4. Real Estate / Architecture Photography 

5. Product Photography 

6. Drone / Aerial Photography


Also separately, as an Add-on,  Basic (Essential) Photo Editing (Adobe Photoshop) 

5. What equipment should I have and bring with me for the lessons? 


Well, at least you need to have a minimum gear, as a camera body and a lens. Unless you are interested only for drone photography then only a drone. + a computer or laptop to edit your photos. 
However, depending on your chosen type of photography, we will recommend certain equipment, which you will want to obtain in a nearest future considering, of course, your resourses for that. 

For example, if you want to go into a professional Real Estate and Architecture Photography, then a wide lens (like EF Canon 16-35mm or other brands) is a must! 

Or, another example, if you want to do a serious wildlife/bird photography, a good tele-photo (zoom) lens is a must! (like Canon EF 70-200mm, or 100-400mm etc.)

6. Where the lessons usually take place? 


It usually depends on few different factors. First of, what type of lesson have you chosen?

Then, upon discussion and understanding the needs of the student, we decide a convenient place for each lesson. Most of the time it will be in Downtown Portland Area or one of the Portland's beautiful parks..

7. Are Workshops included in the lessons? 


No. Photo Workshops (mostly organized for the lovers of Landscape Photography), is a separate type of activity. That includes heading out of Portland, usually either half day or one full day.  
Workshops have different pricing, different goals and purposes, and can include up to 3 or even 4 participants. 

Workshops can be a great add-ons for your lessons, and most importantly, for our regular students there will be discounts for our photo workshops! 

Please do not hesitate to contact us and ask your questions regarding our photography lessons, we will make sure that you got all the necessary information before booking with us, and once you have your 1st lesson completed, rest assure, you will definitely want to book the next ones and you will be truly amazed by getting deeper into the world of photography!

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