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The biblical mountain, the holy mountain of Armenians, mount  Ararat! The unbelievable beauty of this mountain was inspiration for dozens of writers, singers, composers and painters, as well as for photographers, one of which is myself. Ararat has kind of magical beauty, whenever and from wherever you see it, you just want to stay where you are and look at that incredible beauty for hours.. The height of the mountains is 5165m, and it can be seen from a lot of places in Armenia, specially from top of other mountains, and it's very beautiful for each angle and each place! Unfortunately, after Armenian Genocide, Ararat with many other great Armenian territories and monuments, was left under Turkish government. But every single armenian on his heart has some hope, that one day Ararat will again be part of its motherland Armenia! 
By the way, due to Akori gorge, the view of Ararat from Armenian side is much more impressive than from Turkish side, so take an opportunity to travel to Armenia, first of all to see this majestic beauty and not only... 

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