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In this section I present my personal projects. Almost every professional photographer, besides their paid projects, contracts and collaborations, has his/her own personal projects, which they shoot mostly throughout the whole career time. There are many reasons for that. I will mention just few of the reasons which is related to me and I think probably to the majority of photographers out there. 

The 1st reason is for me is Passion! Photography is my lifestyle, the way I see the world and things and people... So it's something that I love to do no matter what.  I just enjoy creating new pictures, either by capturing already existing scene, like a natural landscape, or creating something by yourself, like a composition from different products and props. 

The 2nd reason is Practice. No matter how great of a photographer you are, there is always a room for learning new things, and refining your existing skills. For me, while you live - you learn. And that's true in every aspect, be it personal life or professional.  
So practice helps me refine my work, improve the mistakes, learn how to do it correctly and by doing it more and more, later you will also start to save time and do your paid work even faster without compromising the quality. 

And the 3rd reason for me is Challenge! Almost each time I think and prepare a new personal project for myself, it consist of at least some very new component for me, or just a whole idea is very new! Something, that I have never tried before. Something, that feels difficult and even "scary" to do!  The best benefit of doing this as a personal challenge, there is no "penalty" here and way less responsibility.  See, if you take a paid job, your client is relying on you, on your professionalism. They pay you money, and expect from you within certain time limit to deliver a high quality finished work. Many times they might be very time sensitive.. Many times the whole team of people might be waiting for your work to finish so they can continue or finish the project right after your part, so you can't mess it up. And to be more sure of yourself, that you are capable of that, the best way is to do more personal projects and more and more practice, and in case of personal project, when the result is not good enough and I'm not satisfied, I can always get back and restart it again and correct it, while during the paid projects, because of time sensibility you just might not have that chance, and eventually will end up having unsatisfied clients, which is the worst thing for any professional and any business! 

I hope you will enjoy my personal work here in this section, and will be happy to hear your comments and feedback. 

Best regards,
Hrach Hovhannisyan

The Knife

I had this knife for couple years now, I think I bought it from Kyrgyzstan in 2016 ... and it has always been with me during all my hiking trips since then up until present... So I've been thinking of shooting it as a personal project, which I have completed very recently. 


One of my main and favorite headsets that I use daily basis, and thought to try a floating Hero shot of it. Once I did the main shot, I thought to try to add a smoke with my new smoke machine, which worked pretty cool in my opinion. Worth all the accessories I got so far, to get this type of images..  
And the other "Happy image" was not really planned.. I had that smiley in my Studio from one of my previous shots, so just decided to play with it, and came out pretty funny I think! :)