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Once in a while we all need to update our professional pictures - business/corporate headshots. It can be for our new company's website, or our personal blog or a LinkedIn profile picture, which we haven't updated in years etc. Those days, that so many businesses and professions tend to go to remote working, we better have a new, fresh up to date and Professionally captured headshots! The photoshoot can be conducted either at HH Photo Studio (Beaverton, OR - check it out on Google Maps), in Location (like at your office, factory etc.), or outdoors. 

 What packages do you have? 
We offer 2 main packages for Business Headshots. "Base"  and  "Base +"
Base package includes 1 outfit, 1 background
Base + package includes multiples outfits, 2-3 background changes
(for more information and pricing, please contact

 What outfit should I wear?  
Well, that depends on a couple of factors, such as: 
Does your company requires to be in specific outfit? and let's say to showcase their Logo etc.?
Have you noticed if your coworkers have same type of outfits in your company's website? 

If you need just for your website or your LinkedIn profile, then the next thing will be what's your profession? Field of a work?
In most cases the best is a business outfit, like a nice classic shirt with a business suit or jacket on, but in some other cases, for example for creative workers and artists, it doesn't have to be strongly business outfit, but something very connected and suitable for their personality, to showcase their character. 
Note: if you choose our Base+ package, you will be able to try multiple outfits and have more options!

What color should my outfit be? 
We would strongly recommend to avoid vivid colors!! 
Another important thing to consider, is that in case of our Base package, where is 1 outfit- 1 background,
is very important to create a nice contrast between your preffered outfit and background. For example white outfit on a white background, or a dark greay outfit on a dark grey background won't work. 
So if you choose our most wanted dark grey background (with a touch of centered light), then something little brighter might create nice contrast, rather then darker color outfit.
Take a look at the portfolio below to have better ideas, and don't hesitate to contact us if any questions! 

For more information, free quote and to book your business headshot shooting please contact:

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