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What equipment do I use?

Updated: Aug 12

Not only some of my clients, but also fellow photographers and of course

my students regularly ask me what equipment do I use in general, or in particular cases. So instead of replying them one by one every time, I decided to create a

section here on my website, and share the majority of my equipment list (why majority and not all? well there are lots of small pieces that I don't even remember how they called and where and how did I find them lol). I will also put some links here, to make your work easy and directly lead you to those products, the ones which I use and which are currently available to purchase (most of them on Amazon). Click on the yellow gear names and they will direct you straight to the products!

Let's go then!

Camera bodies:

1. Canon 5D Mark II

2. Canon 5D Mark IV

Camera lenses:

1. Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II

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